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Synergy Devices Limited...

UK Flag Flag of Ireland - Éire Flag of Sweden Flag of Norway Flag of Finland
Innovative distributor and
supplier of the SpeedMixer™ to
UK Eire Norway Sweden Finland
Israel Malta.

Mixing and Dispensing System
Medical & Industry Laboratory Product range.


Cartridge and syringe mixing holders

Cartridge and syringe mixing



Digital Calibration

On site Calibration

Calibration Service





Synergy Devices Limited

Sole Distributors of The SpeedMixer™

Supplier to: UK |
Eire | Sweden | Norway | Finland

Manufactured in Germany


Service request

Please use this form to contact us for service enquiries or
Email sales@speedmixer.co.uk

Customer Service Response Form

To help us give a better response to your enquiry please answer the following questions:
Question 1 Please select the type of machine/s to be serviced:
service DAC150 service DAC250 service DAC400 service DAC600
service DAC800 service DAC1100 service DAC3000 service DAC5000
Question 2 Your SpeedMixer serial number/s  
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If you can't find the number, type unknown and we will resolve this later.
Question 3 Please select type of service:

Urgent Repair
Hand held Stoibe Light Annual Service
General service
Parts fitting / repairs

Calibration Service On site, digital stroboscopic calibration


Details or reason for the service request, plus any other questions:

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