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Mixing and Dispensing System
Medical & Industry Laboratory Product range.


Cartridge and syringe mixing holders

Cartridge and syringe mixing


Containers & Holders

Disposable Cup and Lid

All SpeedMixers® use disposable Jars and Lids. This eliminates clean-up and has the added advantage of enabling the user to store material once mixed.



Sizes Max 10L – Max 300L Containers are available along with their corresponding Holders, dependent upon the model of machine. Sample mixes of 3g to 5000g can be achieved.


Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal Laboratory Mixer System Animation





The DAC 150.1 FV-K, DAC 150.1 FVZ-K, DAC 400.1 – 800.1 have the capability to take syringes and cartridges in an appropriate holder. The operators can then premix in the cartridge and, once mixed, the material can be directly dispensed.


Multi-cup holders, which allows several samples to be mixed at the same time, are available for the 400.1-800.1 Series, enabling the operator to use a wide range of containers, syringes and cartridges.

PP and Max cups PP containers Max containers